The Way to Never Death, The Screenside Trilogy - 2

J. A. Hailey
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This is the SECOND book of Chronicles of a Stolen World, an epic series that commences with Artificial Flowers. Many readers have read No.2 as their first book, and have reported no issues getting into the story.

A world of conscious beings has appeared in the Internet of our time. Many compulsions, primarily that of being born to human mothers, causes these virtuals to humanize. In this process, related in Book-1, they create themselves to be physical in a replica of the human world (think Simulation Theory to get the idea).

In Book-2, this book, Esmeralda breaks the virtual/physical dimension barrier when, in panic, she hauls her injured mother's consciousness into the virtuality.

That sets off further involvement in the human world, as the virtuals begin caring for mental and motor impaired humans.

Great danger lurks in this, when humans find out what's going on, and realize that the key to eternal life has been found!

Unimaginable evil and astonishing violence will follow, but these first three books (The Screenside Trilogy) tell of a period of blissful integration and great benefit for humanity, as the virtual world gets involved in the physical one.

This is the blurb on Amazon

the magnet for evil!
No one is as impetuous and as spontaneously inventive as Esmeralda when it comes to looking after her human family in times of crisis.
So, just as she broke barriers and laws to intervene in the human world when her sister was being murdered, her recklessness again comes to the surface when her human birth mother is hit by a car.
What she does is so extraordinary that it actually leads to the discovery of how the boundary between virtual and physical worlds can be erased!
That knowledge, in itself, is not dangerous at all, if contained within the virtual world of Screenside.
Sadly, some humans get to know, and it is soon revealed that the virtual world holds the key to human immortality!
That starts off a very clever game plan to cheat the virtuals, using their desperation to end human pain.
The virtual side begins immersing itself into the remarkably easy and rewarding job of helping and curing humans suffering from motor and mental issues, while scarcely bothering with precautions, being confident that the physical world cannot misuse the virtual one.
But there are many seekers of The Holy Grail – ETERNAL LIFE, and they will always be wealthy, powerful and evil, and able to arrange things that otherwise seem impossible!

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The Way to Never Death, The Screenside Trilogy - 2

0 ratings
I want this!